RadioSecure SLL is a creative innovation for tracking conveyances and assets using active RFID, GPRS and GPS technology. The RadioSecure SLL provides security-tampering sensor and ambient light sensing which enables shippers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers as well as asset owners to actively monitor the security and integrity of shipments or asset as their goods move through the supply chain. It can be secured onto pallet, tote boxes or simply seal it to the internal corners of a container. Any attempt to compromise the container by opening an aperture on the container will be detected by SLL.


The RadioSecure SLL is a family member of the RadioSecure range of products with wireless connectivity to the IVM or SLM. RadioSecure SLL periodically reports security and ambient light status wirelessly to the RadioSecure SLM or RadioSecure IVM which will report via GSM infrastructure to a hosted web base supply chain security and visibility system. In the event of unauthorized unsealing or tampering of the RadioSecure SLL, it will cause the Master to event heartbeat without any time lag.


Ease of Use

RadioSecure SLL can be configured to ISO17712 High Security, Security or Tamper evident categories. The patent pending aircraft cable locking mechanism is activated by closing a flip cover. The flip cover can be secured by one or two conventional pull tight seal. Low cost per sealing, small footprint and the re-useable cable locking mechanism makes the RadioSecure SLL very versatile that it can practically seal most assets.


  • Intermodal Container Transport
  • Web base security & visibility system
  • Global Asset Tracking & Identification
  • 3PL Thirdparty Logistics

Key Features

  • Re-useable cable locking mechanism.
  • Requires a bolt cutter for removal.
  • Padlock is ISO17712 high-security seal compliant for intermodal shipping and ISO17712 indicative seal for closed-loop logistics.
  • GPS and GSM chips are embedded for location and communication capabilities
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries capable of lasting up to 90 days.

Model Number   RS-SLE-724C
Radio Frequency Cable Security Seal
Radio Frequency Bolt Security Seal

L x W x D
Standard Cable Length
Standard Bolt Length

95mm x 68mm x 40mm
Environmental Temperature
Vibration & Shock
-20°c to +70°c
95% non condensing
Wireless Frequency
Active Transmit Power
Rx Sensitivity   
Air Data Rate
Frequency Hopping

ISM 2.4GHz QFSK modulation
200m L.O.S

Electrical Battery
Active Current Drain
Inactive Current Drain
Rechargeable 3.0v,1.2AH Lithium-Polymer
RF Data Packet Data 32 bytes per FIFO
Mechanical Break Load
>1000kgf ( cable )
Luminosity 7 Lux < 7 Lux = Dark
Accessories K-Flex 1.5
Starseal 150
1.5mm cable seal, 300 pc per carton
Pull tight plastic seal, 1000 per carton

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