The Starseal is a Flexible & Versatile seals. That is a variable length seals with smooth round tail and metal insert in locking chamber to enhance tamper resistance. Meanwhile , the locking mechanism is stainless steel locking jaw and the welded cap is strong and weather resistant.


  • Airline food / duty free trolleys
  • Courier bags
  • Cash bags / ATM Cassettes
  • Hospitals / clinical waste bag
  • Coil Boxes
  • Postal and Mail order bags
  • Inland transportation

Key Features

  • Each seal conforms to a variable loop design.
  • Extra secure stainless steel metal jaw.
  • Requires no tool for removal.
  • Small strap diameter is suitable for applications with small sealig apertures.
  • Smooth strap is more user friendly than conventional strap designs.
  • Available in standard colors , Green,Red,Blue,White,Yellow
  • Special colors are available on request, subject to minimum order quantity.
  • Available in mats of 10 pieces
  • Laser marking or Hot Stamping
  • Customize Letter or Outline Logo or Moulded logo
  • Sequential numbering
  • Laser Barcoding
  • Average Breaking Strength : About 15kgs
  • Body : Polypropylene
  • Jaw : Stainless Steel
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