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The Company was established in 2006. The principal activity is in manufacturing of mechanical security seals and RFID E-seal. The Company is led by a group of professionals with combined experience of more than half a century, particularly in design and manufacture of security seals. In recent months, much research and development work has been undertaken to improve design and security to meet international standard and compliance.

The company is quickly becoming a premier player in the seal industry. Today, Envotech is making inroads in the supply of RFID E-seals and conventional mechanical seals to a wide range of industries around the world. Envotech's growth is spurred by innovative products development that meets and international recognized standard; this was achieved by forging partnerships with technology companies and IP licensing. The Company's manufacturing plant is located in Peninsular Malaysia. Strategic business operations and partners covering the United States, United kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Korea, and the Middle East. In many other countries, strategic alliances are also forged with partners who are global players in their industries.

The Team's decades of international exposure is the key to our successful penetration into the airline, intermodal shipping, banking, transportation, chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. While our RFID e-seal are employed in point to point custodial transportation with back-end visibility. They are currently deployed in United States, Thailand and China.



Our Certifications

Global Group ISO 9001

Envotech Sdn Bhd
ISO reg no.: 64Q13236

Envotech Network Sdn Bhd
ISO reg no.: 95Q12280

Transported Assets Protection Association

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Why Envotech?

Envotech designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable high-quality mechanical and electronic security seals.



Envotech's on-going commitment to research and development, combined with strategic partnerships internationally and domestically, has enabled Envotech to offer a broad range of innovative products that meet international recognized standard.




Envotech's mission is a continuing effort to produce competitively priced, high quality security products for its customers. This is a result of its vast product knowledge and technology capabilities in the industry and done in accordance with sound business practices and high ethical standards.




At the core of Envotech's products success are our dedicated employees. They have acquired the reputation for integrity and high quality work, as such; Envotech is able to deliver both quality products and service to best meet our customers' diverse needs.

Sealed by Envotech

Our Products

Envotech specializes in designing, producing and marketing high Security Seals. A wide range of security seals is available and sold worldwide. » Browse Product List
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Envotech RadioSecure™ SLM is your perfect business solution

The RadioSecure SLM is the base member of the RadioSecure range of products with wireless connectivity to the SLA, SLE, SLL and SLS. RadioSecure SLM periodically reports security and environmental status via GSM infrastructure to a hosted web base supply chain security and location visibility system.