Our Business Profile

Established in 2006, Envotech has grown to be a premier player in the Security Seal Industry. The primary activity is designing and manufacturing of Electronic Security Seals (E-Seal / eSeal) and Mechanical Seals. The Company is led by a group of professionals with combined experience and specialization of more than half a century, particularly in design and manufacture of security seals that meets international standard and compliance. Envotech has made inroads from passive RFID to active RFID and today, an Internet Of Things Solution for transport security and integrity to a wide range of industries around the world. We are equipped full fledge with Hardware, Firmware and Software capabilities. Envotech’s strategic business operations and partners covers over six continents across the globe.

The Team’s decades of international exposure is the key to our successful penetration into the oil and gas, airline, intermodal shipping, banking, transportation, chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our Electronic Seals (E-seal) / (eSeal) are employed in point to point custodial transportation with back end visibility. Our products are commonly used in Customs Security Transit Corridor Transportation and Border Trade Facilitation Programs. We provide Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) solutions for High Value Goods, Dangerous Goods Tracking, Counter Hijacking, Bulk Liquid Carrier, Dry Cargo, Rail Tanker, Ship Tanker, Six-sided Protection, and Cold Chain Supply Chain. Our devices are currently deployed in over 6 continents and 31 countries.

Envotech’s growth is spurred by innovative products development that meets international recognized standard; this was achieved by forging partnerships with technology companies and IP licensing. Envotech is the registered owner of patent for RadioSecure™ Electronics Seals. At Envotech, our on-going commitment to research and development has enabled us to offer a broad range of innovative products. Our research and development team is continuously seeking to improve our security, process, design, technology, and services to further serve our customers better. Our commitment to our customers is meticulous services, creative solutions, reliable products and timely delivery. This is achieved through efficient use of all available resources, in-house and otherwise.

At Envotech, we provide hands on technical support from hardware to software integration with highly experienced personal to service our customer to their satisfaction. Envotech provides everything you need from supply chain visibility to logistics security at real time. Ensuring assets are picked up and delivered to the right destination while collecting all the data you need. Our devices are rugged and industry approved and with the ease of use will help stakeholders reduce operating cost, reduce insurance premium, reduce theft while providing content quality integrity and actionable alerts for recovery and rectification.


Why Envotech

Innovative Company

Envotech’s on-going commitment to research and development, combined with strategic partnerships internationally and domestically, has enabled Envotech to offer a broad range of innovative products that meet international recognized standard.

Quality Products

Envotech’s mission is a continuing effort to produce competitively prices, high quality security products for its customers. This is a result of its vast product knowledge and technology capabilities in the industry and done in accordance with sound business practices and high ethical standards.

Experience Employees

At the core of Envotech’s products success are our dedicated employees. They have acquired the reputation for integrity and high quality work, as such; Envotech is able to deliver both quality products and services to best meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Our Products

Envotech specializes in designing, producing and marketing high Security Seals. A wide range of E-Seal; Electronic security seals is available and sold worldwide.
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Our Achievement

Envotech designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable high-quality mechanical and electronic security seals.