RadioSecure SLA 4

Creatively innovated by using active RFID technology to report status via RS-SLM or RS IVM to a hosted web-based supply chain visibility and security system. Equipped with security-tampering sensor, any unauthorized unsealing or violation of pre-set parameters will trigger an immediate Event Reporting. This level of insight facilities immediate action to be taken to ensure integrity of supply chain. Key Lock or Motor Version to cater for different application

Key Lock version enables user to physically sucre the sealing by using a built-in lock. Unsealing can only be done with a key. This provides additional security layer that does not depend on network.

Motor Version enables user to physically seal by a built-in Motor. Sealing and Unsealing can only be done by sending a command to the RS-SLA. This provides additional security later that requires OTA communication.


  • Protect the integrity of Cargo
  • Automate Processes
  • Monitor Anytime, Anywhere
  • Reduce Claims and Risk
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reports and Data Analysis


  • Container
  • Rail Cargo
  • Reefer Container
  • ECTS
  • Cross Country Tracking

Key Features

  • Hassle-free Installation
  • Flexible cable with break load of 1000kgf to secure any types of cargo
  • Remote monitoring of cargo
  • Rugged and Industry approved device
  • <10s Alert Delivery time
  • Screw-free design to enhance security
  • Tampering & Geofencing Alerts
  • User-configurable location update interval


Model NumberRS-SLARadioSecure™ Seal Lock Asset
VersionSLA-kKey Lock
PhysicalL x W x D
Standard Cable Length x Dia

Weight per set
120mm x 90mm x 60mm
40cm x 3.5mm (Customization available upon request)
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature
Storage Temperature
-30°C to 70°C
-40°C to 80°C
95% non-condensing
Active Transmission Power
RF Range
ISM 2.4Hz QFSK modulation
<18dBm (»100mW)
500m L.O.S.
Battery Capacity
Battery Type
Active Current Drain
Inactive Current Drain
Rechargeable Built in
Lithium Ion Polymer
MechanicalBreak Load
Key Lock
Built-in Push Key Lock
To Lock, do not require a key
To Unlock, require a key
AccessoriesK-Flex 1.5
Starseal 150
1.5mm Cable Seal, 300 pc per carton
150mm Plastic Seal, 1000 pc per carton